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Inkling Girl Joins YCH/Future Updates

Posted by DoctorCursed - July 15th, 2020

Inkling Girl is added to YCH today as well as blowjob implemented to Stargirl. There are now quality of life buttons that you can trigger using keyboard presses, so now you can have a quick fap easier.

-Press 1 2 3 4 to change the girl's emotional state, press 0 to freeze the emotion progression

-Press Z X C to change the men's color, press V to return it to random.

-Press P while cumming vaginally to guarantee pregnancy.

-Press N to clean graffiti and Press M to pause graffiti progression

Someone commissioned a girl to be added to YCH, so expect another 2 girls instead of the usual 1 more. That means including Inkling Girl I'll have added 3 girls this month. Look forward to Mai Sakurajima and Ochaco Uraraka sometime in the future. It's a lot of work, so I won't drop a release date yet.

Starting to get stressed out, not so much by YCH as much as many little things are happening around me are starting to add up and get to me. I'm also starting to suffer upper back pain for the past week or so.

I might consider a break from YCH to work on other projects. YCH will always be here, but I do aspire for greater. I really want to get Natsume 3 done before flash dies this year. If I have to go on hiatus from YCH to do it, I will. Thanks for those who supported me and those who continue to support me. You guys are all awesome! I can continue to develop YCH on flash and post the files on itch.io, but for a one time project like Natsume 3, I really can't justify making an itch for it.

Next vote on Patreon is Raven vs Jinx from Teen Titans for The YCH Project. I see a lot of people asking for a Teen Titans representative, so let's have a battle of the goths... minus Argent. Because nobody remembers Argent...