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New Commission Prices, Inflation A Bitch!

Posted by DoctorCursed - December 20th, 2021

Commission prices have changed to reflect the horrible inflation in my area. I can no longer charge minimum wage. Just eating each day is costing me 14 dollars a day as opposed to 9 bucks it used to. Sorry...  

Commission Prices:

Base Price = $87.50 Per Character

Background = $52.50 (Free if very simple!)

*-Bust Only = $70.00

The prices listed above are base prices. They are subject to increase if the characters are wearing complex clothing such as frills, armor, or if the characters are intricate with a lot of detail. This also applies to the background. There is a base price of $52.50, if it's something complex, it'll add to the price. Things like a simple gradient background or maybe a starry sky or a few simple fluffy clouds will be free.

I will draw anything, even if it is out of my comfort zone, however, I'll tell you beforehand, so

you are requesting at your own risk. Both SFW and NSFW requests are okay and I WILL DRAW GURO AND LOVE TO DO SO!

To place a commission, please e-mail the payment e-mail address with

the details.

Payment will be conducted through Paypal: doccursedATgmailD0Tcom (Work starts after 50% of the invoice has been paid. We agree on the payment amount before an invoice is sent.) Any changes you want made will have to be stated before I start inking. I'll send a rough sketch for review before inking.

Tween Animated Loop Commissions:

I need money to be coerced into animating, so pay me Mr. Big Spender... Otherwise, how will I ever buy that 1st million dollar mansion when all I have is a few thousand bucks to my name? No seriously, it sucks being a starving artist and animating is way too much work for too little pay. Each moment spent animating is a moment I'm spending not doing other art...

Base Price = $472.25 USD (One Girl and A Featureless Guy/Simple Background) (Subject to change if the girl has a lot of moving parts on her outfit)


Change Featureless Guy to a specified character (Say you don't want a bald naked faceless guy fucking the girl): $100 USD (Subject to change if the character's design is difficult to animate.)

Climax Animation: +60 USD (He can now cum)

Extra Facial Expressions Changes: +13.50 USD Per Expression

Lipsynching: If you can pay and hire a voice actress to provide me the voice clips then yeah I'll do some lip synching. I'll charge $80 if there are actually words and you want very accurate lipsync (For drawing all the mouth shapes mind you price will double or triple depending on how many facial expressions there are) +$15 dollars per minute of audio. Mind you it'd be expensive paying your voice actress and me at the same time. I'm not sure your wallet will be happy about that. Don't do anything crazy.  

If you only want pacman wakka wakka lipsync, then it'll only cost $13.50 per facial expression 

If the total amount of voice audio is below a minute then I won't charge that per minute of audio fee.




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