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A man who forges artwork with his love, his anger, and all of his sorrow! He is known to press down on his stylus so hard, it becomes the light. He wouldn't be where he is today without the help of his friend Kyoji.

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Well, it's been a month, I still don't have a computer, my job is alright. I get free food and plenty of overtime hours. Actually with all the overtime, my job averages closer to $15-17 an hour than the $14 an hour lol. Every shift has been 9 to 11 hours. Not having a computer is more a scarcity problem than a money problem. Job also eats up a considerable amount of my time, so I get very little leisure time. If you follow my twitter, I've started posting photos of my weekly sketchbook doodles. Mostly as a way to prevent getting too rusty. They're mostly nsfw, so do feel free to give me a follow. My normal day job in the restaurant is mostly a break from the art world, I do plan on coming back some time after the summer. Hopefully computer prices drop, and I'll have a computer by then. I'm looking forward to coming back invigorated with a burning passion to create more content for you to enjoy full of love, anger, and all of my sorrow!


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What Is Dead May Never Die 5 Points

Find the software that started it all.

Cream Cheese Sandwiches 5 Points

Listen to Tom's song.

BFFs 5 Points

Find the one closest to Jeff's heart.

Puzzle Solver 50 Points

Put the collage back together.

Art Aficionado 5 Points

Admire the collage for 5 minutes.

Shear Dedication 50 Points

Get 12 red coins in one game

Razor's Edge 50 Points

Beat the game without dying

The Fast and the Furriest 50 Points

Beat the game in under 5 minutes

Hairless 25 Points

Beat the game without a helper

Close Shave 10 Points

Beat the game

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