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A man who forges artwork with his love, his anger, and all of his sorrow! He is known to press down on his stylus so hard, it becomes the light. He wouldn't be where he is today without the help of his friend Kyoji.

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DoctorCursed's News

Posted by DoctorCursed - 6 days ago

Here you go, install the .apk on your Android phone, and bitch-slap Zone-tan until she gets teary eyed... Just a quick ryona game I made to test out gesture and touch events. I know it's not to everyone's taste, but this time it's considerably less messy and controls are even simpler this time around, since you have a touch screen. I can't tweak or tinker with this little mini project further. The original work file has since been corrupted while I was trying to add camera shake. Bam thing crashes and for whatever reason the file goes missing...




Posted by DoctorCursed - 9 days ago

Just animating gushy fluids for the Klowns project... we're getting there... I'm gonna have to pay for and get the voice acting done soon and start the programming. I'm behind schedule, mom got a dog without telling us, it caused all sorts of chaos in the house, chased the cat around, attacked me and my dad and now she needs my help to return it to the shelter next week since she can't take care of it with her schedule and was banking on me and my dad helping her raise the new dog. The problem is, the dog seems to hate all men, and cats even more, and it took a long time to convince my mom that keeping the dog was a bad idea since we were keeping it locked in a room until she got back each night from work. So in summary, in the past few days we had the dog, I got bit twice, almost bit a 3rd time, broke up 2 chases between dog and cat, and had to escort my cat around ever since she developed a phobia of the dog, and had to kick the dog out of my office when my mom let it off its leash and it instantly ran up the stairs and burst into my office... Glad nightmare should be over next week when we set an appointment to return the dog. Feels kind of bad, other than fear aggression towards men, and an uncontrollable prey drive, the dog actually is very well behaved. It doesn't bark, it doesn't chew up anything, and it does listen to some of my mom's commands. It bites to ward people off, but neither of the bites broke skin, at most it just bruised me and caused an infection. So it definitely controls itself and means no serious harm.

Posted by DoctorCursed - 1 month ago

Really does feel like Mary Poppins helped me along. I didn't notice how far I've gotten in the Natsume project until I looked at my check off list yesterday. Just 3 or 4 animations left to make, finishing touches such as frame by framing the fluids. Then all the game animations would be done... Not exactly close to the finish line, that would be lying. Still got all the actionscript, UI assets and sound to worry about.


Posted by DoctorCursed - October 13th, 2020

So I passed out yesterday and didn't get work done, so I got work done today to compensate, and I'm taking the day off now. Whatever, sleep issues aside, me passing out after multiple nights of poor sleep or no sleep is pretty par for the course when it comes to my sleep habits. Anyways, I've been attempting a work one full day, play one full day work schedule and it's been working alright. I got the breast squeezing animation done, idle animation done, and I got the insertion animation done although it needs a bit of tweaking. Also I drew a nice lewd image which I can't post here for reasons, so you can go check it out on my pixiv. It was for the blood knight winner of last month on Patreon. Since I'm not currently working on YCH, the blood knight winners get a drawing instead.

Also, I've been pretty hooked on Genshin Impact, I spend most of my off days playing it almost as hard as I work... Adventure Rank 30 Baby!


Posted by DoctorCursed - September 28th, 2020

Not really making the progress I wish I was making, but I have footjob, footlicking, and cunnilingus animations animated. I'm currently working on an idle animation for when no action is selected. I also have a breast squeezing animation to do, and I believe that would be it for the foreplay animations.


Posted by DoctorCursed - September 11th, 2020


Since people still ask me all these questions about YCH, I'm on an indefinite hiatus from updating The YCH Project to work on a different flash game. I'll think about returning to YCH when I'm on the other side of my journey. Here is to broadening my horizons and honing my skills.


Posted by DoctorCursed - August 28th, 2020


A mix of insomnia and burnout delayed this one a bit, but this is the final girl for YCH Project since I'm going on hiatus to work on the Natsume x Killer Klowns Project. Here's to putting all my Love, Anger and Sorrow into this new project.


Posted by DoctorCursed - August 22nd, 2020

I released Raven just now, normally I release it as soon as the release date rolls in, but I completely forgot. I'm so sorry. Been suffering horrible insomnia that kept me awake for 3.5 days straight. I finally crashed and slept a solid straight 8 hours! Alright time to finish this last character so I can start hiatus to work on the other project!


Posted by DoctorCursed - August 15th, 2020

Everyone's favorite ZTV News character is coming to the YCH Project! Well one more character to add this month before I go on hiatus and work on the Natsume project. Man there isn't much time left in the year. I wonder if I can finish that game before flash dies. I really want to cement my place as the final hentai flash game wizard of the century.



Posted by DoctorCursed - August 10th, 2020


Ochaco Uraraka has been added to YCH Project. This will also be the last month I will be working on The YCH Project for awhile as I have decided to go on hiatus to work on the other flash game project. Ideally I'd get that one done before the end of this year when flash dies.