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A man who forges artwork with his love, his anger, and all of his sorrow! He is known to press down on his stylus so hard, it becomes the light. He wouldn't be where he is today without the help of his friend Kyoji.

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DoctorCursed's News

Posted by DoctorCursed - 4 days ago

Well, it's been a month, I still don't have a computer, my job is alright. I get free food and plenty of overtime hours. Actually with all the overtime, my job averages closer to $15-17 an hour than the $14 an hour lol. Every shift has been 9 to 11 hours. Not having a computer is more a scarcity problem than a money problem. Job also eats up a considerable amount of my time, so I get very little leisure time. If you follow my twitter, I've started posting photos of my weekly sketchbook doodles. Mostly as a way to prevent getting too rusty. They're mostly nsfw, so do feel free to give me a follow. My normal day job in the restaurant is mostly a break from the art world, I do plan on coming back some time after the summer. Hopefully computer prices drop, and I'll have a computer by then. I'm looking forward to coming back invigorated with a burning passion to create more content for you to enjoy full of love, anger, and all of my sorrow!


Posted by DoctorCursed - April 29th, 2021

Well if you knew me long enough, you'd have seen this coming ages ago. I had to troubleshoot my 10 year old pc regularly while working on YCH and everything else. Said PC finally kicked the bucket and with how the computer parts market is looking, could be awhile before I manage to build a new one. Well at least when I start my new job on the 3rd, it'd have my undivided focus. Lol. Nothing better to do or look forward to at home. Bwahaha.


Posted by DoctorCursed - April 14th, 2021


This is the final update for the YCH Project, which adds blowjobs to the girls that didn't have them before except for Patreon-chan who doesn't have a mouth. I wanted to hand animate a mouth for her, but I think that might be way too much work to do to commit to a joke. =w=;; There is an apk for Android phones now, you can play the game on your phone, but there will be a little lag, and keyboard shortcuts don't work on the phone version unless you find a way to emulate or plug a keyboard into the phone. Don't sue me if it breaks your phone, I don't know what I'm doing. I tested it on my phone and it works fine. As I said before, I start on a day job in a kitchen soon, and there will be less art coming from me. It's been a wild ride. Something silly I made on flash, somehow achieved over a million plays and downloads across multiple sites. I really gotta thank you all. You're the best and thank you so much for playing my stupid little game!


Posted by DoctorCursed - March 16th, 2021

So you know how I said I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life and getting a day job was an option. I decided to get a day job and maybe ease a bit on the art department. You know, there are a lot of anxieties that come from being an artist on the internet. You constantly feel judged, you are constantly comparing yourself to others, and especially if you draw nsfw like me, it can sometimes be thankless as well. Don't get me wrong, everyone who has supported me has been awesome, but I don't expect people to be bowing down before me thanking me for the porn I make for them. It's a very base desire, just like you don't thank the rice farmer who labored tirelessly to provide the rice that you shovel into your maw hundreds of grains at a time. Working on art so much has taken it's toll on me, you worry about money as an artist, you feel guilty when you aren't working, but then you are too burnt out to work, and you end up pursuing neither work or leisure. Heck I don't even know half the characters requested for YCH because I lived under a rock. I haven't seen my real life friends in over 2 years. I bought a lot of computer games at full price that I never got to play or complete. I think it'd do me good to just work a normal day job as a food runner for a bit, while ending each day with some mind numbing anime or videogames. You know, actually act like a human for a bit. I'll still try to draw some lewds for you guys every now and then if I am not too tired from the manual labor. I'm not quitting as an artist, just slowing down a bit.


Posted by DoctorCursed - February 27th, 2021

Being ever the troll, I had this really stupid idea for a small lil Zone-tan animation. There's no sex, there is nudity, and there is creamy white fluids. Oh my...


Posted by DoctorCursed - February 15th, 2021

Finally here's the final girl of YCH Project... After this point I won't be adding any more characters. It's been a fun wild ride, I'm still kind of throwing up ideas of what I want to pursue next.



Posted by DoctorCursed - February 1st, 2021

Here's Riju ya filthy animals! Well this is the final stretch, the last character has been decided and after the next character I won't be adding any more characters except if a crazy person commissions me. Can't really say no to money. LOL We're at the end of the show, farewell YCH Project, you beautiful piece of crap you! As for future projects, I'm kind of just throwing ideas at the wall until something sticks. Maybe a comic, or an animation, or finding a real job...


Posted by DoctorCursed - January 25th, 2021

Riju will be joining, YCH on the 1st of February. Only one more character left to go before I finish up YCH development.



Posted by DoctorCursed - January 12th, 2021

Bummer dude, like yeah we all knew it was gonna happen, and I was one of the early birds to warn everyone about the killswitch and Newgrounds Player probably not working. With that said, Zone-tan 1 and Zone-tan 2 works fine on Ruffle emulation, the only problem I've seen so far is that dynamic text like in the percentage bar on Zone-tan 2 doesn't work, and of course everything is loaded behind the scenes so you will no longer see the preloader. As for YCH Project and Natsume vs Killer Klowns, well they run on AS3 and will completely flip out if you attempt to run it with Ruffle.

I will release .exe updates for YCH on the itch.io for the final few updates before ending that chapter of my life:


For Natsume vs Killer Klowns, I'll wait for Natty to come back, as well as DrThallium to get settled down, so that I can implement voices and music. When that is done, I'll also make an exe which I will put as a side download in the ych itch.io

Then I'll probably take a break to figure out what I want to do with my life, maybe learn something new along the way. Remember to always be channeling your Love, your Anger and all of your Sorrow, into your fire breathing fists and forge greatness with your flames.


Posted by DoctorCursed - January 11th, 2021

Well here's the first of the 3 final girls to be added to the YCH project. There are two more left to add before I implement blowjobs to the remaining girls that don't have them, and call it a close to the YCH Project. I'm not quite sure what I want to do next. I'm kind of in a financial quagmire while also being completely unclear about what I actually want out of life. But I'm getting old and I think it is about time I actually think of a sustainable career. If you ever need to hire someone to illustrate for a project, I'm always available. LOL If I'm paid a fair wage, I'll probably be content in working. Just saying...