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YCH Game Progress

Posted by DoctorCursed - December 11th, 2019

So I need to find a way to earn money, and I thought it would be fun to create a game with swappable assets. So how it works is, I'll have a base game, with the ability to add more characters by swapping the heads, and changing skin color, etc. Allow people to commission characters to be added to the game and go from there. People are asking to commission hentai games and it is very much impossible to do those commissions without asking for 3-4 months worth of pay. However, if my flash game is made scale-able, it might not be a hentai game commission, but you can at least pay to have a character put into an existing flash game. What are your guy's thought on this? Of course, I'll be adding some of my own waifus into the game to begin with.



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That will be perfect! I’m thinking the name could be ‘make and f*ck your waifu’ where you could create your own anime style waifu,emotions and all from the typical school girl,shonen female,tsundere,masochist,thirsty,lewd,ect. Your mind is what will determine the end result. Perhaps you could even change the ages as well. Including the male and the many positions you could choose.

No it won't be like that, that would be beyond anything I could make on flash. I'm thinking more of just having a list of girls to choose from. I also can't add voice acting or sounds as it'd bloat the file way too much. It's nothing amazing, but it's more of a novelty that hopefully gets more interesting the more characters I add. I don't want to make people think I'm making the next Illusion game or something. LMFAO

Sounds great, but hopefully feature creep won't be too big an issue. For every pose / position that'll be more assets you'll have to draw. As a fellow game dev I'm looking at the risks and rewards that may come from making a game like this...

Hopefully I won't be adding too many new features... The current plan is to make it more like commission based reskins. But yes, each time I add a new character, many assets have to be drawn, repurposed, with code added in. The idea is to not change the base animation or body too drastically, but allow for changing of the head. That way, in theory the only thing that needs to be reanimated and drawn with each character is the head. Goes without say that if I ever add a new feature post-development, I will have to do it for every character in there... But, the pose should not be an issue. When I decide to reveal more, it should become more clear what I have in mind.