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A man who forges artwork with his love, his anger, and all of his sorrow! He is known to press down on his stylus so hard, it becomes the light. He wouldn't be where he is today without the help of his friend Kyoji.

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DoctorCursed's News

Posted by DoctorCursed - March 11th, 2020

Assets done, I'm not entirely happy with all the assets on her, but I'll just make do with it. It's really hard to capture the art style as she's a bit expressive. It's proving hard to balance consistency and expressiveness when creating her face assets. I'll need to finish animating her, and putting the game together and making sure everything works. It's pretty good progress.


Posted by DoctorCursed - March 8th, 2020

Zone-tan is completed, instead of ahegao like Kizuna Ai, I gave her a very special state instead. I think you guys would like it. Next up, the 3rd legacy character! After I finish her, I can put everything together and release the game... Someone count how long it took for me to add Zone-tan. I lost track of time but ideally, I'd love to be able to finish a new character every week to week and a half. The coding hiccup definitely set me back some. Only finished fixing it yesterday.


Posted by DoctorCursed - March 6th, 2020

I'm horribly exhausted. I need a break after today.

I spent the entirety of today working on the project. Check out this insane progress.

-Code fixed to work with head switching... I think... Don't quote me on that.

-Zone-tan base head/hair animation done.

-Zone-tan face assets done.

-Added and half animated a waist asset attached to the ass so that it doesn't look as out of place in motion.

To Do List:

-Animate Zone-tan's Face

-Begin work on mystery girl #3


Posted by DoctorCursed - March 5th, 2020

I have no clue what's wrong with the coding... Something is turning up as a null variable even though it's just a different frame in the same symbol. What the hell is going on? Man Actionscript 3 is weird.

Quick Update: I vaguely figured out what is wrong, but this will be a huge setback. I need to completely debug the code until it works with the head swap mechanic. Meaning instead of finishing Zone-tan, I have to update the core mechanics to actually make it even possible...


This is what it would look like, if I actually got it working lmfao...


Posted by DoctorCursed - March 3rd, 2020

Finished a couple of guro commissions, not sure if I'll post here or not. Meh... I'll continue my work on the flash game. Kizuna's Ahegao face has been adjusted to look better. I'm working on animating Zone-tan's head and drawing assets for her. This flash game is a fun project and all, but a brother's gotta eat... Commissions are always welcome.

By the way Shady Lewd Kart came out on steam for early access. The game is a whole lot of fun, kind of like a cross between Mario Kart with the drifting from Sega All Star Racing. You've probably played the demo here on Newgrounds at one point. It's actually a pretty serviceable Mario Kart clone on PC.


Posted by DoctorCursed - February 26th, 2020

If you didn't see this coming, you're blind... trust me I have doctor in my name... Our second I guess legacy girl for this project...




Posted by DoctorCursed - February 22nd, 2020

Well for the most part Kizuna AI herself is done. The core features in the game are done except for the impregnation feature, and the actual other girls for the head switching. The pregnancy system is there but I haven't coded the percentage chance yet. I can't decide whether I should publish the game as is... or just hold on that until I get everything I want in the base release. I'll probably make you guys wait... Waiting is good. Yeah!

So what features exist in this game:

Well the girl is stuck in the wall... You get to do her vaginally or anally. Each time you do so she gets more body writing on her. She has a change of pregnancy. The man cycles between random skin tones to simulate a train by different people. The girl's facial expression changes based on her four states. The more you fuck her the lewder she gets until broken. First state is reluctant, then there is a sad crying state, then the compliant lewd state and finally the broken ahegao state.

Of course there are the other two girls I'd like to get in the game before release... How it works is that the girls will all share the same body but different heads and breasts. =w=;; The assets are drawn for one of the next girls except for the face assets like eyes and mouths. This is the most labor intensive part since you have to draw a lot of mouth shapes and eye shapes to convey emotions, then animate them individually for each animation cycle multiple times. Of course I also need to create bigger breast assets for the bustier girls.

So as for now, 1 out of 3 girls are done.


Posted by DoctorCursed - February 16th, 2020

So funny thing, I never knew how the 3D Rotation tool or Motion Tweens worked in Flash. I've been so set in my ways of using classic tweens and anchor points. Then I had to figure out a way to animate Kizuna Ai's ribbon flopping back and forth. It forced me to learn how these two tools worked in flash. I feel stupid for not using them all this time. There were many things I've done in the previous projects that would have been more elegant if I had known how to use them... I mean yeah they have very niche and specific uses and I'd probably rather use classic tweens most of the time, but seriously, this would have been nice to know earlier regardless!


Posted by DoctorCursed - February 10th, 2020

Well looking at this project in hindsight, I didn't really plan out Kizuna's assets properly and now that I finally start animating the head, things aren't going as planned. Spent most of today rearranging or fixing a few assets... On another note though, I created assets for the second girl which are a little better planned.


Posted by DoctorCursed - February 3rd, 2020

New tablet acquired, I'll need to get used to the pressure sensitivity on it. The strokes feel very different, but the tablet is really good. Huion products definitely have my seal of approval...

P.S. I animated the breasts on the project. They are controlled using actionscript on the main timeline, because I find it easier animating it on the same timeline through actionscript than blindly inside a nested symbol.